Thursday, 3 November 2016

Anli Sugano's 1st, called いち from 1978

This was not requested nor should it be.  On the other hand, I urge you to go ahead and request anything in the comments section since these usually fall into two categories, either I have the digital copy and will gladly post it or I will try to seek it out if I don't already possess it to determine if it's any good.  (Of course there's a third category, music I have and I promised to never share, which I will quickly mention only to never speak of again...)

The information, if need be.  I found the artist quite entrancing with her slightly more feminine Bette Midler voice and varied repertoire on her sophomore effort (as they love to say in Rolling Stone).  This is along the same lines, with a mix of seventies pop and funk.  It's hard to tell if they're cover songs or these are original Japanese 'copies' of pop hits.

Tracklist (translated)

1. My Trumpeter
2. Midnight 
3. Big Time Suzie
4. Akujyo Street ....Bad Women' Street
5. Tramp ...Card Game
6. Hisame ...Cold Rain Like Ice

1. Kodokuna Kankei ....Lonely Relatioship
2. Subway Suzie
3. Yume Zukushi ....Full of Dreams
4. Samui Tegami...Cold Letter
5. Imouto Tachi E ...To my little sisters 

First track as sample:

Enjoy it.



  2. Thanks Julian for taking requests.I got several,but will start of with these 2.
    Belgian band Plus their one and only album from1972.Also if you have ,please,Max Middleton's album,Another Sleeper,?Cheers.

  3. well first off here's Belgian Plus in 1972, note this is not my rip obviously:

  4. here's max middleton

  5. Nice treat to wake up to.Thanks very much.

  6. Hello, Julian. Maybe you've got something out of it? I would be very grateful!
    1. Ramloc -"Same" -1979 LP (USA)
    2. Arthur Brown - Arthur and the Muskles of Lurve( Recorded live on 11.10.2008 )
    3. Scafell Pike :
    1978,X-Ray Vision
    1980,Air Traffic Controller
    4. Kashmir - Lords Of The Light (1993)